Company Bio

In 2003, Senior Systems Engineer Mike Peters founded Trinity Computer Services. Mike Has over 20 years experience with all aspects of computers and computer networking while working for companies such as AT&T, Sprint, Philips, and Vartec Telecom. It was during these years that Mike repaired many fellow employees damaged PCs after a “So-Called” computer repair person had gotten their hands on the computer. He was stunned at the lack of qualified people working with small businesses, and home users.

After some thought, Mike was able to break down “Computer Geeks” into two classifications: One is the highly trained engineer that works for Corporate America, the others are people who attempted training, squeaked by their “Tech School” education, and could not hold a job in Corporate America, thus working for small pc repair shops or becoming home pc repair technicians. Now I point out that not all small pc shop employees fall into this category, but the percentages that do are staggering. In addition, he found that the “Corporate Techs” are a lazy breed and do not work well as entrepreneurs. They have become accustom to sitting around their corporate cubicles waiting for something to break, and once in the high paced position of Small Business/Home Repair technician, they choose to go back to Corporate America where they do not have to work so hard. Mike is very selective with who he hires, and sets rigorous standards for ethics and training.

Mike has always been a “High Energy” individual, active in Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track throughout his school years. Even after a serious shoulder injury ended his football career as a junior in High School, he became the Warrior Mascot for South Grand Prairie High School, continuing to work hard to support his friends. This energy and computer experience made Mike a perfect fit for this field. Mike is also very active with local charities, church groups, and the Birdville School District where he helps motivate and encourage the youth in his community.

Mike is on a mission to expose the “scam” of under trained technicians preying on unsuspecting small business / home pc users. How many times have YOU paid too much for computer repair and never had your equipment repaired correctly.