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Virus and Spyware infestations are the most common issues plaguing pc users today. If you have properly installed protection, you can eliminate this threat. Although there is a caveat.

If someone visits adult sites, free music sites, and opens all email without any thought, no antivirus/spyware program will keep you 100% safe.

When it comes to email, if you do not know who sent it, do not open it.

Times are tough right now, and anything free (except music), is a good thing. I have added AVG Free and Malwarebytes Anti Malware for you to use. If you have been infected, run these programs, and still have issues, please call me as soon as possible. Removing spyware and viruses at this level should be handled by a real Systems Engineer, not a Geek. Too many people have lost all files, pictures, etc by trusting the wrong person. Please do not become one of those people.

Thanks, Mike

AVG Free

Malwarebytes Spyware Remover