Our Services

We want you to know that we are here to help you, not get rich from you. We offer Military, Senior, and Pastoral discounts. We offer flat rates on most common services. We come to you, diagnose, and repair on site. If the system needs to come to our shop, we pick up and return at NO CHARGE to you. Here are some of our most common services. Wonder what the competition charges? Click the “Competitors” link and see for yourself.

Virus/Spyware Removal $85

I must be clear about something that most “techs” will not inform you of. Many times even after a clean-up the pc runs better, but not like it did prior to the infection. The reason is due to the damage that the virus/spyware caused, and was not or cannot be repaired. Ask Me Why!

Power Supply Replacement $65

Replace your dead power supply $65.00 plus the cost of your power unit. Units run from 39.00 to 250.00 depending on your system.

System Restore/Rebuild $150-$200

Backup all your data, reinstall Windows, update all service packs, install all security updates, install all 3rd party software, and reinstall data. Your computer will look exactly like it did prior to us completing work. Your documents will be in the right spot, your desktop icons will be back, and even your internet favorites will be restored. Very Few, if any, company will do this for you. Why? They do not know how. What a shame.

On a tight budget? Give us a call and we will work with you. We are on a mission to help everyone and anyone!  Mike

Home Network / Router Setup $150

Setup home network, wireless router, secure all devices, configure up to 3 pc’s and 2 printers.

Small Business PC Setup / Network Install $150

Setup desktop PC, update all service packs, attach to domain, connect printers, install antivirus, and map shared drives.

Disaster Recovery Implementation – $300

This the most commonly overlooked item in any small business. If disaster strikes and you are not prepaird,you risk losing your business. We will consult to find the best solution for your budget, install and configure backups, and train staff on operations.